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The popularity of laser welding machines has brought many conveniences to industrial production

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Laser welding machine has unique production, processing and manufacturing characteristics, which makes laser welding machine more and more used in industrial production, and the welding efficiency becomes higher and higher.
Laser welding machine has great characteristics in its manufacturing process. For example: non-contact production and processing, laser welding machine does not need to produce and process the workpiece for surface treatment. Moreover, the welding has no impact on the outside world in a short time, and has little impact on the thermal deformation and influence area of the material itself. It is especially suitable for laser welding of high melting point, high hardness and special materials. There will also be laser welding machines with small welding spots and high energy density, which are suitable for high-speed laser welding.
The laser welding machine uses the excellent directivity of the laser beam to weld, focuses the laser beam in a small area through the optical system, and forms a heat source area with high energy concentration in a very short time, so as to form firm welding spots and welds at the welded object, which is the basic principle and basic characteristics of the laser welding machine.
The above are the commonly used laser welding methods, which are suitable for all aspects of industrial production. The laser welding machine has a wide range of applications and can bring more convenience to industrial production.